Tenant Information

Looking for a new place to live?

This can be a stressful time, check out our simple tips below to get you started. 

Search for properties you are likely to be able to afford.

Look into to your finances, deduct your fixed outgoings and miscellaneous spends and see what you are left with. 

Make sure you are comfortable with the amount you are left with each month. 

Search the properties within your budget, once you find a property within your budget make a application with the agent. 

Common questions to consider when looking for a new property.

Does the property have a EPC and Gas Safety?

How is the property heated?

Does the property come furnished or unfurnished?

What is the council tax band?

What is the deposit?

Is the property pet friendly?

Is the property in a suitable location for you?

Is the property registered with Rent Smart Wales?

Good luck with the rental search.