Top Tips

When it comes to selling your property, we would always recommend asking us for advice as our sales teams have many years of selling properties behind them.  Here are a few tips we would suggest:

  • We want to add ‘Kerb appeal’ to the property so it attracts the right interested parties, this is very important
  • Make your home presentable to potential buyers
  •  If redecorating the property, it is a good idea to keep the painting to neutral tones
  • If you have pets make sure you have windows open and the property has been aired prior to a viewing happening as in some cases the smell of pets can be off putting for some
  • Have an idea of what fixture and fittings you plan on leaving in the property so potential purchasers have an idea
  • Listening to honest feedback is vital when advertising your property
  • Sometimes things go wrong which is out of our control, there may be a delay with the sale or legal issues but we can assure you we will try our hardest to make the sale go through smoothly